As a multi-racial organization of trans and non-binary sociologists and our allies, we are deeply concerned with the increased violence targeting Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander  communities across the country. As sociologists, we know that the recent violence in Atlanta is not a singular event, but rather is the product of a longstanding history of violence rooted in the intersection of white supremacy, xenophobia, and sexism. 

In support of the Black Live Matter actions in 2020, Sociologists for Trans Justice publicly announced its commitment to examine and actively address the manifestation of white supremacy and racism inside our own organizational practices, including:

  • Replacing our existing Trans Justice Syllabus with a shorter syllabus that centers the intersections of racial justice and trans justice, and uplifts the work of Black and Brown scholars and other scholars of color;
  • Continuing to offer and promote programming that makes connections between systemic racism & white supremacy and trans/non-binary/intersex issues at the annual American Sociological Association meetings and other conferences; and
  • Continuing to prioritize our commitment to racial justice as part of the work of our organization, in all of our committees and subcommittees. 

We affirm that this commitment extends to addressing all forms of racial injustice, including those that have impacted Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander people. We are particularly aware of the particular burdens our AAPI colleagues, and AAPI trans sociologists especially, are managing right now. 

We call on our leadership, members, and fellow sociologists, especially those who benefit from white privilege, to use our positions to support the fundamental human rights of AAPI people in this country. We also encourage everyone to read the statement put together by the American Sociological Association. We encourage everyone who is able to contribute to supporting Asian people and communities; a list of good options is here.


Sociologists for Trans Justice Executive Committee