This year Sociologists for Trans Justice (S4TJ) is continuing our mentoring program for trans and non-binary scholars!

This program pairs trans and non-binary assistant professors and advanced graduate students with colleagues of any gender who can provide advice and support during the early years of the mentee’s career. Our hope is that those mentors and mentees who will be in Philadelphia for the ASA annual meetings will meet up for coffee or a drink on their own and/or around LGBTQ Caucus meetings, and then continue their conversations throughout the year.

We *really* need mentors to make this work, so if you are a sociologist and willing to mentor an assistant professor or advanced graduate student, *please* volunteer (and let us know on the form if you’re willing to mentor more than one person). The amount of time is not too onerous and it really makes a difference to young scholars and, through their development, the section.

If you are willing to volunteer as a mentor, please fill out a volunteer form by July 1st.

If you are a trans or non-binary assistant professor or advanced graduate student who would like to participate in the program, please fill out this mentor request form by July 1st.

Please direct any questions to

Thanks for your interest and participation!

The Committee on Supporting Trans, Non-binary, and Intersex Scholars
Mentoring Working Group
Jennifer Pearson, Natalie Ingraham, and Daniel Laurison