If you are already a member of the S4TJ database of experts, we encourage you to use the template provided below to inform local media outlets and public relations offices of your availability and areas of expertise. (The template is also available to download.) We invite anyone interested in joining our community of experts to submit a formal request.


[News Media Relations Person]

Dear [News Media Relations Person]:

As transgender, non-binary, and intersex issues are becoming more salient in social and political life, media organizations may contact your office to request a faculty expert related to these topics. I am writing to alert your office that I am a member of a network of scholars working in these areas (https://s4tj.com/s4tj/experts/) and that you may list me as an expert whom the media may contact regarding issues related to [insert populations you study] communities or experiences. Based on my training, research, and teaching on [insert your focus area], I believe that I would have much to contribute in this area.

Please list me as a faculty expert for media inquiries related to [reiterate populations you study] experiences. Specifically, those related to: [reiterate your focus area].

My expertise in this area is indicated by the following:

  • Teaching: [your teaching experience here]
  • Research: [your research experience here]
  • Service: [your service experience here]

If you would like more information regarding my areas of expertise, please feel free to contact me via the information provided below.

Thank you,

[Your name]
[Your title]
[Your email address]
[Your phone number]