Chair: alithia zamantakis

The S4TJ Executive Committee is made up of the co-chairs of the other S4TJ committees.

Executive Committee
alithia zamantakis (Chair), Rosalind Kichler, Mahala Dyer Stewart, Jeremy Brenner-Levoy, Hayden Fulton, Kairo Noah Weber, Piper Thomson, Madi Lou Alexander, & Wynn Strange
  1. Address sociological (and adjacent) research (and reporting) that is hostile toward or exclusive of trans, non-binary, and/or intersex individuals (formerly the Hostile Work Response sub-committee)

  2. Work with ASA and other sociology organizations to provide expertise on trans, non-binary, and intersex-related current events, court cases (e.g., amicus briefs), and proposed legislation. (formerly the two professional organization liaison sub-committees)

  3. Decide on goals and direction for the organization, organizational structure, new initiatives

  4. Coordinate among the various committees and sub-committees; help with sub-committee work as needed/desired.