Chair: Daniel Laurison

The S4TJ Executive Committee is made up of the co-chairs of the other S4TJ committees.

Executive Committee
Maggie Nanney (Chair), Blu Buchanan, Kit Myers, Alex Hanna, Anthony James Williams, Sam Scovill, Daniel Laurison
  1. Address sociological (and adjacent) research (and reporting) that is hostile toward or exclusive of trans, non-binary, and/or intersex individuals (formerly the Hostile Work Response sub-committee)

  2. Work with ASA and other sociology organizations to provide expertise on trans, non-binary, and intersex-related current events, court cases (e.g., amicus briefs), and proposed legislation. (formerly the two professional organization liaison sub-committees)

  3. Decide on goals and direction for the organization, organizational structure, new initiatives

  4. Coordinate among the various committees and sub-committees; help with sub-committee work as needed/desired.