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Sexualities, Race & Empire: Resistance In An Uncertain Time

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Welcome. Nesbitt Auditorium 111

  • Katie L. Acosta, Associate Professor, Georgia State University

9:00 AM
10:50 AM
Plenary: Sexualities, Race, Empire. Nesbitt Auditorium 111

  • Moderator: Nancy Naples, Professor, University of Connecticut

  • Roderick Ferguson, Professor, University of Illinois Chicago

  • Jin Haritaworn, Associate Professor, York University

  • Vrushali Patil, Associate Professor, Florida International University

11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Panel 1: Quaring Intimacies. Pearlstein 102

  • Constructing the Perfect Girlfriend: Race, Class, Gender & Performativity of Paid Intimacy in Nevada Brothels. Christina Guimaraes Parreira, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Transgender Youth of Color at the Intersection of Race & Gender Identity. Griffin Ryan Lacy, University at Albany-SUNY

  • "It Feels Very Vulnerable, Particularly as a Black Woman": Race, Class, and Gender in Queer Polyamory. Emily Pain, University at Albany-SUNY

  • Intimate Candor: Digital Storytelling & Intimacy among Queer Black Women. Dominique M. Adams-Santos, Northwestern University

11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Panel 2: Contesting Spaces and Places. Pearlstein 206

  • "Unfortunately, that's life for us Asians...": Racialized Sexual Capital and the Korean Spa as Sexual Field. Kendall Ota, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Whiteness, Settler Claims to Land, and Queer Rural Belonging in the Contemporary U.S. Miriam J. Abelson, Portland State University

  • Protesting Festivals and Making Racially-Inclusive Events: LGBTQ Challenges to Racial Inequality in the South and Southwest. Amy L. Stone, Trinity University

  • Rethinking Violence: Theorizing Daily Interactions and Geographies of Oppression. Simone Alexandra Kolysh, CUNY Graduate Center

11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Panel 3: Racial Politics of Sexual Well-being. Pearlstein 207

  • From Racism to Risk Prevention: Racialized Sexualities and the Construction of the Other Sexual Citizens in Sex education. Barbara Rothmuller

  • Power and Prevention: A Qualitative Inquiry into Racialized Power Dynamics in HIV Prevention Counseling. Bradley Shawn Powell, Case Western Reserve University

  • Discreet Wisdom: The Construction of Black Women’s Sexual Health Risk as a Rationale to Sexually Surveil Black Men to Detect Down Low Men. Brandon Alston, Northwestern University

  • 'Makin' Sure It's Equal': The Politics of Pleasure in Black Women's Expectations and (Dis)Satisfaction. Elizabeth Hughes, University of California, Riverside

11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Panel 4: Queering the Life Course. Pearlstein 303

  • Life Course Patterns of Sexuality in Unions: When the 'Known' is No More. Megan M. Jones, Florida State University; Lacey J. Ritter, Wingate University

  • Learning Sex: Sexual Messages and Race across the Life Course. Allison Nobles, University of Minnesota

  • A New Generation of Sexual Stories: The True Stories Young People Tell about Sex. Mary Robertson, California State University San Marcos

  • “I'd Like to Be in a Relationship but I'm Not Doing Any More Laundry”: How Single Women Age 65+ Feel about Romantic and Sexual Relationships. Kjerstin Gruys, University of Nevada - Reno; Theresa Skaar, University of Nevada - Reno

11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Panel 5: Navigating LGBTQ Identities Institutionally. Pearlstein 307

  • Institutionalizing the Intersections: Gender and Racial Equity from Margins to Philanthropy. Carolyn Chernoff and V Varun Chaudhry, Northwestern University

  • "Technically, I'm a contractor": Intersecting Identities and Challenges of Fragmented Career Paths in STEM. Tom J. Waidzunas, Temple University; Ethan Levine, Temple University; Erin Cech, University of Michigan

  • Literal and Figurative Safe Spaces: How Context Shapes Gay Straight Alliances. Amie Patricia Hess, Meredith College

11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Roundtable 1A: States, Sites, and Regulating Sexuality. Pearlstein 308

  • Sexualizing and Racializing AIDS Governance in Postcolonial Taiwan. Po-Chia Tseng, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Regulating the Classroom, Regulating Gender: The State & the Subject. Jax J. Gonzalez,University of Colorado, Boulder

  • Raunch Culture Administration. Bernadette Barton, Morehead State University

  • A Christian Defense: The Shift from the Gay Imaginary to the Straight Congregant. Sarah Diefendorf, University of Washington

11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Roundtable 1B: Campus Lives of Race, Gender, & Sexuality. Pearlstein 308

  • Hookup Culture in the Age of Apps. Nicole Andrejek, McMaster University

  • “It’s Like You Either Show Up or You’re Out:” Student of Color Communities, Racial Authenticity and the Search for Sexual Partners at Two Predominantly White Universities. Janelle M. Pham, University of California Santa Barbara

  • Coming Out Online and On Campus: A Queer Analysis of Identity Formation. Ian
    P. Callahan, University at Albany-SUNY

11:00 AM
12:20 PM
Workshop: Incorporating Sexualities, Race, & Empire. Nesbitt Auditorium 111

  • Moon Charania, Assistant Professor, Spelman College

12:30 PM
1:50 PM
Lunch Plenary: Methodologies in Sexualities Studies

  • Moderator: Chaitanya Lakkimsetti, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University

  • bee coston, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Patrick Grzanka, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Knoxville

  • Evren Savci, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University

  • Kristen Schilt, Associate Professor, University of Chicago

2:00 PM
3:20 PM
Panel 6: Regulating Genders. Pearlstein 102

  • Gender, Sexuality, or Both? Adjudicating Transgender Asylum Claims in the United States. Stefan Vogler, Northwestern University

  • Gender Unknown: Psychiatry, Scientific Knowledge Production, and Determining Gender. Cal Lee Garrett, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • (Un)Imagined Communities: Discourses of Difference, Distance, and Exclusion in Trans* and Gender-Variant Asylum Jurisprudence. Alexander K. Davis, Princeton University

  • Exploring the Increase of Transgender Health Care in Family Planning Clinics in the United States. Natalie Ingraham, California State University, East Bay

2:00 PM
3:20 PM
Panel 7: Constructing Transgender: On Families and Youth. Pearlstein 206

  • The Transgender Child Must Be Defended. Omi S. Salas-SantaCruz, University of California, Berkeley

  • Parenting Trans Kids: Lessons from the Frontlines. Ann Travers, Simon Fraser University

  • An International Exploration of Trans Male Practices of Reproduction. Carla A. Pfeffer, University of South Carolina

  • Unsettled Identities: How White Hegemony Shapes Trans Youth. Jonathan Anthony Jimenez, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2:00 PM
3:20 PM
Panel 8: Making Subjects and Citizens. Pearlstein 207

  • “Not On the Agenda”: Women’s Football, “Queer” Sexuality, and Inclusive Citizenship. Anima Adjepong, Simmons College

  • Gay Brain Drain: Migration Out of a Place Because of the Lack of Legal Protection forLGBTPeople. Yiu Tung Suen, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Curing the Ego-Dystonic/Shameful Sexual Subjects: The Transplantation of Affective Homonormative Politics and the Diagnostic Status of Homosexuality in China. Suisui Wang, Indiana University Bloomington

  • Nation, Gender, and Martyrdom: The Killing of an Indian Journalist. Shwetha Delanthamajalu, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

2:00 PM
3:20 PM
Panel 9: Tense Intimacies: Family and the State. Nesbitt Auditorium 111

  • Queering Family Reunification. Amy Brainer, University of Michigan-Dearborn

  • Out(side) La Familia: Puerto Rican LGBT Accounts of the Sociopolitical and Economic Conditions Framing Heteronormativity in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Marysol Asencio, University of Connecticut

  • By the Authority Vested: Colonial Legacies and the Everyday Life of Marriage Law in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Michael W. Yarbrough, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY)

  • The Polygamist Closet: New Theoretical Perspectives on Regulating Sexual “Otherness.” Melanie Heath, McMaster University

2:00 PM
3:20 PM
Panel 10: Exclusion, Inclusion, and Shifts in Attitudes Towards LGBTQIA+. Pearlstein 303

  • LGBTQ Military Members: Blurring the Boundaries of Inclusion, Agency, and Exploitation. Courtney Caviness, University of California, Davis

  • On the Shifting Relationship between Masculinity and Homophobia. Tristan Bridges, University of California, Santa Barbara; Sarah Diefendorf, University of Washington

  • After Assimilation: Gay Right Wing Politics and Social Class in the “Beacon of LGBTRights”. Jeffrey W. Lockhart, University of Michigan

  • Religious Freedom, Parents’ Rights, and Anti-LGBTQ Counter-Mobilization. Kate Henley Averett, University at Albany-SUNY

2:00 PM
3:20 PM
Roundtable 2: Queer Transnationalism and Queer Activism. Pearlstein 307

  • Queer Passages and the Assemblages of Blackness: A Queer Reading on Possibilities and Peril. Chriss Victoria Sneed, University of Connecticut

  • Erotic Life in the State of Exception. Ghazah Abbasi, University of Massachusetts at Amherst Labors of Love: Rethinking Sex Work in the Globalizing City. Gowri Vijayakumar, Brandeis University

  • Mobilizing LGBT Collective Memory During the Neo-Ottomanist JDP Period. Caner Hazar, University of Connecticut

  • Mestizaje in Queer Places: Race and the 'Other1 in Peruvian LGBTQ Activism. Cynthia Hilda Melendez, University of Connecticut-El Instituto
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2:00 PM
3:20 PM
Workshop: Peer Dissertation Review and Critique. Pearlstein 308

  • Hector Carrillo, Professor, Northwestern University

  • Arlene Stein, Professor, Rutgers University
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Panel 11 :"Doing" Transgender. Pearlstein 206

  • Grappling With Masculinity: The Presentation of Unmasculine, Anti-Masculine, Feminine (Trans)masculine Selves as a Disidentificatory Resistance Practice. Sonny Nordmarken, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

  • Exploring Gendered Racialization in the #WeHappyTrans Digital Activism Project. Jordan Forrest Miller, Georgia State University

  • “I’m Transgender. No Hard Feelings If This Is Not Something that Would Not Work ”: Disclosing Trans Identity in Organic and Inorganic Intimate Relationships.Tristen Kade, Portland State University

  • Thinking Cis: Transantagonism, Cis-Het Men, and Cis Lesbians. alithia zamantakis, Georgia State University
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Panel 12: Insiders/Outsiders, Repression/Resistance. Pearlstein 207

  • Queers Bash Back!: The Pink Pistols and LGBTQ Gun Rights. Thatcher Phoenix Combs, University of Texas, Austin

  • Relational Repression and Queer Resistance in China. Di Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Allyship and the Perils of Inside/Out Politics: Bisexual Erasure and Trans Exclusion within LGBTQ Activism. Jaime Nicole Hartless, University of Virginia

  • Selective Suffragette Success: An Examination of the Modern Women’s Rights Movement. Dresden Lackey, Georgia State University; Ebony Respress, Georgia State University
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Panel 13: States, Social Movements and Queer Citizens. Pearlstein 102

  • Fault Lines and Resistances: The Politics of Police in LGBTQ Spaces in Canada. Alexa DeGagne, Athabasca University

  • Queer Citizenship: Debating Discrimination and Religious Exemption. Emily Kazyak, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Alice MillerMacPhee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kelsy Burke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Creativity and Resilience in lgbt Organizing in Nigeria after the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act. Rachel Sullivan Robinson, American University; Nicole Angotti, American University; Tara McKay, Vanderbilt University

  • Born to be Gay in the United States, Choosing to be Gay in France. Michael Stambolis-Ruhstorfer, Universite Bordeaux Montaigne
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
Panel 14: Racializing and Gendering Spaces. Nesbitt Auditorium 111

  • Gay Bars, Queer Bars, White bars, Everybody bars? Exclusion and Inclusion in LGBTQ+ Businesses. Greggor Mattson, Oberlin College

  • Making and Unmaking Gendered and Racial Gayborhoods: LGBTQ Commercial Spaces in Philadelphia, 1945 to 2015. Jason Orne, Drexel University

  • The (Black) Gay Bar as Inclusive, Disruptive, and Discursive Space. Morgan R. Purrier, University of Michigan

  • Meanings of Gender-Divided Bathrooms and the Implications for Transgender People. Hubert Izienicki, Purdue University Northwest
  • 3:30 PM
    4:50 PM
    Panel 15: Qualitatively Accounting for Sexual and Gender Minority Life Experiences. Pearlstein 303

    • Doing Rural Queer Research: Strategies and Experiences from the Field. Amanda A. Stewart, University of Illinois at Chicago

    • Huge Drag Shows but No Gay Bar: Ambivalent LGBTQ Communities. Clare Forstie, Farmingdale State College

    • Queer Street Smarts: Gender, Sexuality, and Navigating Homelessness. Brandon Andrew Robinson, University of California, Riverside

    • Race and Queer Resiliency in Hostile Areas. Sarah Davis, Trinity University; Philip McKeon, Trinity University; Samsara Davalos Reyes, Trinity University; Katherine Sibley, Trinity University
    3:30 PM
    4:50 PM
    Roundtable 3A: Campus and Classroom Initiatives. Pearlstein 307

    • Resistance and Boundaries: Contraceptive Coverage at a Catholic Institution. Brianna McCaslin, University of Notre Dame

    • Understanding and Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Campus Members: Best Practices, Institutional Barriers, and Future Directions. Kathleen P. Farrell, Colby-Sawyer College; J. Jeanine Ruhsam, Colby-Sawyer College

    • Teaching Sexuality: Social Construction Versus the Gay Gene, How can Sociology Bridge the Divide? Monica Jarvi, University of Minnesota; Allison Nobles,University of Minnesota

    3:30 PM
    4:50 PM
    Roundtable 3B: Cultures, Contexts, and Corporations. Pearlstein 307

    • Shifting Social Contexts: The Intersection of Gender, Sexuality, and Race as Former Female College Athletes Transition to Adulthood.
    • Only the Real Criminals Rape: How Women Make Sense of Sexual Violence in the U.S. Legal Cannabis Industry. Katie Kaufman Rogers, University of Texas at Austin

    3:30 PM
    4:50 PM
    Workshop: Professional Queers. Pearlstein 308

    • Shantel Buggs, Assistant Professor, Florida State University

    • Tey Meadow, Assistant Professor, Columbia University

    6:00 PM
    Reception offsite