Sociologists for Trans Justice 2019 Call for Recommendations for #TransJusticeSyllabus and Teaching Transgender in Standard Sociology Courses

The Sociologists for Trans Justice Committee on Advancing Trans, Non-binary and Intersex Scholarship is seeking multiple resource suggestions and curriculum ideas which will be shared online through:

1) The 2020 version of the #TransJusticeSyllabus and

2) Trans studies supplemental sections or core readings for standard sociology courses (e.g. Intro, Social Problems, Research Methods, Sociology of Gender, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Medical Sociology, Crime and Deviance, and so on).

Relevant resources may include classroom readings, texts, syllabi, activities, assignments, or films.

This work is an integral part of Sociologists for Trans Justice, co-chaired by Laurel Westbrook and Daniel Laurison, to support trans, non-binary, and intersex scholars in sociology; to advance trans and intersex studies in sociology; and to increase public understanding of trans, non-binary, and intersex issues.

Follow this link to submit your materials by April 30, 2019.
If you have any questions or comments, please contace Maggie Nanney (, Kelsy Burke (, and Carey Jean Sojka (