In 2018 and 2019, Sociologists for Trans Justice conducted a national survey of transgender and intersex graduate students to assess their experiences in graduate school. The survey was open to all transgender and/or intersex individuals enrolled in a graduate program of any discipline in the United States at any time since 2008. For the purposes of this study, we used the term “transgender” broadly to encompass a wide range of identities, including, for example, non-binary, genderqueer, agender, gender nonconforming individuals, and trans individuals at any point of their journey or transition. The researchers who conducted this study: Dr. Lindsey Wilkinson, Portland State University Sociology faculty member, Sonny Nordmarken, University of Houston postdoctoral fellow; Simone Kolysh, Hood College Assistant Professor; and Rebecca Ewert, sociology Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago.

Data were collected between 10/8/2018 and 6/15/2019. Results illuminating trans grad students’ experiences at professional conferences and with public bathrooms on their campuses are in these infographics.

Click here to view the infographic on conference experiences. 

Click here to view the infographic on public bathrooms on campuses.

Conferences Infographic
Bathrooms Infographic

Suggested citations:

Goldstein-Kral, J., Kolysh, S., Nordmarken, S., Whitley, C. (2020). “A Call for All- Gender Bathrooms on College Campuses: Findings from the National Transgender and Intersex Graduate Student Survey.” Sociologists for Trans Justice.

Goldstein-Kral, J., Kolysh, S., Nordmarken, S., Whitley, C. (2020). “Tools for Transgender inclusivity in conferences” Sociologists for Trans Justice.